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Transformational marketing outcomes at the greatest possible scale. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the only cloud with the technology capabilities, experience and cost-efficiency to help companies achieve transformational marketing outcomes at the greatest possible scale.

AWS has over a decade of experience helping companies handle virtually any cloud workload for advertising & marketing—especially in critical areas like data analysis, identity resolution, programmatic advertising, personalization, customer experience and attribution. 

AWS gives companies in advertising and marketing a technology edge they cannot get from any other cloud provider—with a broader selection of services, more functionality in areas like big data and machine learning, and technology simply not available on other cloud platforms.

Why is aws better than cPanel?

  • Your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), isolated and encrypted IT infrastructure.

  • Total control of your server e.g. EC2 instance.

  • Optimized databases, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, plus greater security.

  • Easy to scale with Elastic web-scale computing.​

  • You pay a very low rate for the compute capacity you actually consume, as opposed to paying for everything with a typical hosting plan.


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Some of the disadvantages of cPanel...

  • Difficult to upload and manage files.​

  • cPanel has major security vulnerabilities e.g. attackers can get total access to your databases just by typing "mysql."

  • cPanel does not support NGINX, and uses slower web server.

Take Your Business To The Cloud

We will create and setup your secure AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in your nearest Region with internet gateway, EC2 instance (i.e. server) with NAT gateways, Application Load Balancer, Identity & Access Management (IAM), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Amazon EFS.

Microsoft Azure

Be future-ready with continuous innovation from Microsoft:

  • Virtual Machines allow you to provision all of your computing needs in the Cloud.

  • Optimize your infrastructure and save money.

  • Govern, monitor, and back up your entire business.

  • Enhanced Security & Compliance.

  • Get the Power, Control, and Customization that your organization needs.

  • Managed, Intelligent Databases in the Cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Microsoft Azure

The platform is the foundation of your website. Without a solid, secure platform: your website is just like a house built on the sand.

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Revenue Source is an Advertising & Marketing agency based in California, specializing in Cloud Solutions, Customer Experience, Web design, WordPress, Data, Marketing Analytics, Online Advertising, Social Media and SEO.


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